About Antics

Antics is a London club night presented by Dolly Power and features a couple of young, talented DJs; DJ Antics (Richard Titchener) and Matt Terris. Together they created an unique style, that blends hip-hop jams, cool pop, funk, breaks and house to make crowd pleasing tunes! Antics also showcases special guests at many of their events.

Antics takes place at Electric Ballroom in Camden, London. Electric Ballroom is widely regarded as the one of the best venues in London, having hosted gigs by the likes of Prince, U2, The Killers and many more. Pretty much all London music lovers will have danced on it's historic dancefloor, gasped at the amazing views from the balconies, and danced their socks off thanks to the ace music ethos all powered through one of the capital's best sound systems.